Sika Deutchland GmbH

Materials for protective coats supplied by the "AMVIT TRADE" Company are represented by such famous manufacturers as Sika Deutschland GmbH Industrial Coatings and Daussan (France). Sika Deutschland GmbH Industrial Coatings is a world-known company, established in 1947 in Germany and being recognized leader in the sphere of manufacturing of materials for protective coats to the date. The list of its production includes:

  • Sika® Unitherm® - Flame-protective coats Flame-protection of bearing steel, timber structures, electrical cables, that is got due to laying of thin coating of flame-protective material, frothing up while warming, increasing in thickens up to 40 times.

  • Sika® Permacor® - Corrosion preventing coats Weather-impact corrosion preventing coats for concrete and steel constructions of industrial structures, steel reservoirs and tubes of steel and non-ferrous metals;
    Corrosion preventing coats of internal surface of reservoirs and tubes being contacted with reserved substances, and external surface of underground reservoirs and tubes.

  • Betonol® - Poured flours and concrete cover First of all these are materials for non-seamed self-levelling coats (poured flours, including antistatic), providing combination of functional and decorative characteristics.

  • Sika® Epiter® - Corrosion preventing system of coats Corrosion preventing coats of steel hydraulic works, inshore and port structures in conditions of fresh and sea water.

  • SikaCor® - Chemical-resistant coats System of coats for flours and walls, needing in long-term protection from chemically active environment and high temperatures.

All Sika Deutschland GmbH Business Unit Protective Coatings coats without exception are characterised with:

  • high level of dependability;
  • apply of the most advanced technologies;
  • low consumption;
  • the widest spectrum of colours (under the catalogues RAL and NCS);
  • colour constancy;
  • durability.

All required certificates of the materials are present.