AMVIT TRADE supplies materials for special protective coatings for industrial and civil facilities operating in various conditions, including those experiencing high chemical, thermal, mechanical and climatic loads. We also supply materials for fire protection of metal and concrete structures. Coatings on the base of supplied materials have history of many years of positive experience in industrial operation, comply with international quality standards and Russian regulatory documents.

These products are widely used at the facilities of oil and gas complex, in power industry, and nuclear, chemical, food, electronic and other industrial sectors. These coatings protect reservoirs, pipelines, sewage treatment plants, locks, water pipelines, overpasses, bridges, logistics complexes, shopping centers, etc.

Materials are represented by individual coating groups:

  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Coatings resistant to water and atmospheric conditions
  • Industrial self-leveling floors
  • Flame retardant coatings


Each group includes a wide range of primers, intermediate and finishing coatings in various colors.

AMVIT operations are based on a comprehensive approach to the use of materials: we assist customers in the selection of materials, provide technical advice and training of specialists, and if necessary, assist in the application of materials, as well as supply the necessary work equipment. Our company has significant advantage die to fact that AMVIT offers only high-quality materials at competitive prices and fast shipment turnaround times.